From the depths of the Mariana's Trench, to the heights of the Rocky Mountains, Amanda Juline brings an infectious energy wherever life takes her.


Together with her voice, are the anthems of love, the celebration of life, and the highs and lows in between. This passionate young singer-songwriter tastefully embeds uplifting and conscious messages into reggae rhythms- a genre that comes naturally for Juline.

"Originally from the island of Guam, I was heavily influenced by reggae music and now that I live in Colorado, I am happy to be a contributing voice to reggae & be part of this community." says Juline.

Together with members of Colorado reggae band, Dubskin (Cory Eberhard, Matt Grundstad, & Wylie Jones) and friend Brad Stroz, the debut reggae EP ‘Love In The Moment’ was recorded and mixed @ The Decibel Garden in Denver, CO. Jim Wilson Mastering put the finishing touches and it was released on April 26, 2019.


Listen HERE: https://ampl.ink/711py

Juline says, “Each person shared their time, talent, and believed in a young girl with a big dream. This is just the beginning!”


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