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Originally from Guam and now living in Colorado, Amanda Juline is not what you would expect in the BEST WAY possible.

How does a woman manage to capture the ethereal sounds of Lana Del Rey, paired with the emotion of Kimie Miner, yet still produce a style and sound to reggae I have yet to have heard before?


“Echo”, off Amanda’s Love in the Moment EP, starts out with a heavy drum lead and takes us right into a classic rub-a-dub sound. Yet, her voice seems to coax you to an almost dream state: a place where you can be free and become who you were always meant to be. It is almost as if she is your subconscious reminding you of your inner power.


The song lyrically touches on how we are all in the world together and how every action leads to another. Life is almost a mirror; we cannot underestimate our own inner power and the direction we can take ourselves if we only had the courage. The middle of the song features a lovely guitar solo, similar to Santana’s earlier days, adding an almost Latin vibe before settling into the final chorus.


She leaves us with the words, “What do you echo?” Word that remind us all that we have the power inside to control our environments or, at least, our perception of those environments.

- Alexia Johnson, Top Shelf Music

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