Amanda Juline is a female fronted reggae band from Denver, Colorado with hometown roots in Guam. Beginning its formation in 2018, Amanda Juline has steadily gained a captivated audience from the islands to the mainland.


Amanda Juline released the debut album "Love In The Moment" in 2019, featuring 5 songs highlighting the highs and lows in life. The top track "Echo" was a crowd favorite, picking up attention from Alexia Johnson (Top Shelf Reggae) who says, "Originally from Guam and now living in Colorado, Amanda Juline is not what you would expect in the BEST WAY possible. How does a woman manage to capture the ethereal sounds of Lana Del Rey, paired with the emotion of Kimie Miner, yet still produce a style and sound to reggae I have yet to have heard before?". In 2021, Juline followed up with the emotional song "Mama" after becoming a young mom to daughter, Marley. In the first week of its release, "Mama" was aired on local radio stations throughout Guam. The song was produced by Andrew McKee (HIRIE). 


Amanda Juline is known for her soulful voice, thoughtful songwriting and engaging reggae rhythms. Over the past few years, Amanda continues to share new, refreshing reggae music with an old school feel.





Cervantes Otherside - The Lariat - Highlands Street Fair - Swallow Hill Music

Shared the stage with:

Dubskin - 

Music Collaborations:

Andrew McKee (HIRIE), Stylie, Hale, Dubskin

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